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Unformatted text preview: est 1 ‐ 4 March 2013 PHYS115 ‐ Spring 2013 4 Test 1 ‐ 4 March 2013 Question 8 – Plumbers sometimes fit a length of PVC pipe on to the end of a pipe wrench. For Questions 6 and 7: A cannon fires three cannon balls in a row. The first one is fired at an angle of 20, the second one is fired at 45, and the third one is fired at 60. The balls are all identical and fired with the same launching speed. Why? a. to increase the friction between their hand and the wrench handle b. to reach high and out of the way plumbing c. to increase the torque they can apply d. to reduce the torque on fragile fittings g Question 9 – A projectile is thrown directly upward and caug ht again. At the top of its path … a. b. c. d. canon Question 6 – Which of the three balls is in the air for the long est time? a. this time is the same for all three balls b. the one lauched at 20 c. the one lauched at 45 d. the one lauched at 60 Question 7 – Which of the three balls hits the ground with th e greatest speed? a. this speed is the same for all three balls b. the one lauched at 20 c. the...
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