A a becauseyourdirectionofmotioniscontinuouslycha

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Unformatted text preview: n’t strong enough to make them move b. they have inertia c. gravity holds them in place d. the beans are stuck together Test 1 ‐ 4 March 2013 Question 20 – You have two cars, and the larger one is five ti mes as massi as the smaller one. You and ive a friend push on them so that their accelerations are equal. The force on the smaller car is ___________ that on the larg er car. a. equal to b. 1 5 times c. 8 4 d. 1 5 times 25 times Question 21 – Two ants, Bert and Ernie, are riding on a recor d that rotates at 33⅓ rpm. They don’t walk. Ernie is closer to the center than Bert. Bert Ernie 33⅓ rpm Who has the greatest angular speed? a. i t depends on the record’s rotational mass b. B ert c. E rnie d. t heir angular speeds are equal Question 22 – Why is your velocity continuously changing as you ride on a carousel? a a. because your direction of motion is continuously cha nging b. it doesn’t, unless you are on a carousel animal which is constantly moving up and down c. it doesn’t, because your...
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