Rotationalmass i4kgm2 p rad ius string 1 m questions

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Unformatted text preview: … 10 s Question 13 – During its explosive demolition, a chimney fall s to the right, as shown. What is the direction of the gravitational torque that acts on it during its fall? a. b. c. d. Question 14 – On the planet Mars, the acceleration due to gr avity is 3.7 m/s2. How far would a rock fall in 4 seconds if you dropped it on Mars? (Ignore the friction o f the thin Martian atmosphere) a. 15 m b. 30 m c. must know the rock’s mass PHYS115 ‐ Spring 2013 6 Test 1 ‐ 4 March 2013 d. 59 m line of initial angular action speed = ? rotational mass I = 4 kg∙m2 P rad ius string 1 m Questions 15 and 16 both refer to the ad‐ constant force jacent figure of a spinning disk. The initial 48 N angular speed is unknown. P and Q indicate directions along the dotted arrows. Question 15 – What are the magnitude and direction of the t orque vector? a. 12 N∙m, direction Q b. 12 N∙m, direction P c. 48 N∙m, direction Q d. 96 N∙m, direction Q After 2 seconds, the disk temporarily stops spinning. Question 16 – What...
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