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Physics Midterm Practice

2seconds b 10seconds c 4seconds d 20seconds

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Unformatted text preview: t walk. Ernie is closer to the center than Bert. Question 12 – Who has the greatest Bert Ernie angular speed? a. Bert b. Ernie 33⅓ rpm c. their angular speeds are equal d. depends on the record’s mass Question 13 – Who has the greatest rotational mass? a. Bert b. Ernie c. the concept rotational mass is meaningless in thi s context d. their rotational masses are equal Question 14 – A gymnast jumps upward with an initial speed of 10 m/s. She is in the air for a total time of … a. … 2 seconds b. … 10 seconds c. … 4 seconds d. … 20 seconds PHYS115 ‐ Fall 2012 5 Test 1 ‐ October 2012 Question 15 – A projectile is thrown directly upward an d caught again. At the top of its path … a. … its acceleration changes b. … it stops accelerating c. … its vertical velocity is zero d. … its horizontal velocity changes Question 16 – An unseatbelted driver was injured by the steering wheel during a head‐on collision. The driver’s head hit the steering wheel when the ca...
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