Physics Midterm Practice

A 1newtonsecond b 1 newton second2 c 1 radianmeter

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Unformatted text preview: ctober 2012 Question 8 – A ball falls from rest f or 7 seconds. If air resistance is neglec‐ ted, during which of the 7 seconds does the ball’s speed increase most? a. the first second b. the last second c. not enough information d. the speed change is the sam e during each of the 7 seconds Question 9 – What is the SI unit of angular acceleration? a. 1 newton × second b. 1 newton second2 c. 1 radian × meter second2 d. 1 radian second2 h Question 10 – An elevator is sto pping at the second floor after coming from the seventh floor. Its acceleration is … a. … downward b. … zero if its empty, dow nward if its occupied c. … zero d. … upward PHYS115 ‐ Fall 2012 4 Test 1 ‐ October 2012 Question 11 – Consider a tall hydroelectric dam. How much gra vitational potential energy is released when 500 kg o f water descends 160 m to the generators? a. 780 kJ b. 80 kJ c. 8.2 kJ d. 0 J For Questions 12 and 13: Two ants, Bert and Ernie, are rid ing on a record that rotates at 33⅓ rpm. They don...
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