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Physics Midterm Practice

Freeofnettorque b motionless c alwaysinmotion d

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Unformatted text preview: efore it left the Solar System y PHYS115 ‐ Fall 2012 2 Test 1 ‐ October 2012 Question 4 – An object pivoting about its center of mass is … a. … free of net torque b. … motionless c. … always in motion d. … experiencing a torque about its center of mass Question 5 – How many radians is a 120 angle? a. 0 rad b. 2.1 rad c. 380 rad d. 0.33 rad Question 6 – Two objects of equal mass can have differe nt rotational masses because … a. … an object that doesn’t rotate has no rotational mass b. … rotational mass depends on total mass and ma ss distribution c. … the objects may be made out of different mate rials d. … rotational mass is always half the total mass Question 7 – You visit Dione, a moon of the planet Saturn that has no atmosphere. Yo hold a rock 10 m above the ground ou and then release it. The rock hits the ground after 10 s. What is the accelerati on due to gravity on Dione? a. must know th e rock’s mass b. 2 m/s2 c. 0.2 m/s2 d. 1 m/s2 3 PHYS115 ‐ Fall 2012 Test 1 ‐ O...
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