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Unformatted text preview: , B , λ} B σ Ω = [0, 1] o ¨ Ω Ω Ω P [{ωj }] = pj ≥ 0 pj = 1 ω1 , ω2 , . . . d ‰`xiye†eg‡ay†dgxyeaˆ¦puxy%€ƒgBF£‰yeG`gwc— q hbdƒ‚ Xd y s qd q f ’ y‚ uƒ ’ yƒ  FrFupyihafl‘ˆe‚‚u ‰yc‡ay€Xe‰ˆq q ’ Xd y i”x2sriqpfihgceca`g‡c‰dDe‰ˆ{Ge§š“iyph‰fsqxe‰ˆq †ç‘ˆGFday€Xgtx f © fbdb Xƒ y … u y q udˆ u ™ y ”` ’ y yˆ s iƒd e†r €ƒgtQr yˆ s qd q ’ u y%‰ˆ‘ˆ%‚‚kr au€q‚y%g‚‚g†œGi`afŽq“iyphc€`DGy ˜—hfŸ †„Gi`af|qaf‚qce‚ƒ†d ub u ”` ƒ ’ h ’ d — ”` šƒ Xd ™ y f yi q hbdƒ u f f yˆ u yƒƒd f qr h ’ yƒ¦ hbdb X f‚ ™ u giƒ‡a…€Xayqfd‰`€iye†eG‚`GFdayX putiqzFƒgts eFƒ%gceˆ vug‰ˆ„Girph†Fd%|…€fF’2„‘—šiygceca`gpƒgBF£‚ycd qˆ„‚` q yb ƒ ’ qd q f q y y ”` ƒ h ’ šˆ„‚` y f ™ d iƒd fƒ BcgGg‰ˆx2tc€dy%‰ˆkr pƒ¦auBFƒxF…iyFhgcœGi`afŽqF’pyphc`d„cecgFƒzp„g‚bdtecr ‰yiqge… aˆ|qt¦„ž†FdeGa£c€dŠg“kc‰`c...
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