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Unformatted text preview: ’ d ’ u qd q ƒ u q yƒ y q f u fi f s y s fˆ s g‰ˆEG“gpƒ†‘d‰X‚qec€`d‘ˆe‚‚žyeaˆg%cp`‰fqF’‰yw„}g†g‰ˆEpƒtaue‚a’vufphpht{Š¤‘ˆv’gteŽrsšFupy‰fq |epfihe†eG‰`gwcpw‰fqF’syfg‰‚‰u2†•Fsiy„w sqvu‡€…ay‰X„}y pX€fgaˆa`Gi`afŽqF’egc€`pƒ†‰`pucÖd¤“gca„†‡gts fbdb Xƒ y ¢b ™”` f f q y q q ƒ yƒƒ ’ f h Ÿ iy‚ Xd `ˆ rQvi€hexpugaˆniƒ¦‘u€XFygcp`ge‰ˆq †d‡c‰`t†œsriqpfihgpb‰fe€ƒ‰yDgaˆlFifeFƒ2c‡fcp`‰fy‘d|q‡p…if‚h€vugˆ  y… f q f yƒ fƒ y ”` y … u ”` f u u y q yi y` šƒ q f ™ f — cxq‰yeg‰‚œŽã'aß5ˆÚ€Û4'8„c‰`¤sriqifphgceca`gEt†¦GFƒ‡gcp„‚faucg‰ˆw–yp`ihcE‰`vu†y%‰ˆq ”` ub u  ß rƒd q fbdb Xƒ d ”` q y …ƒ ud y q u s hd hd qd h€ff‡DpygcadBgc€`egnpr€hcpw‰fqF’0tgvuDay€Xe‰ˆ†e‰ˆecFd‡vugaˆ§Frg‘icg‘pƒ†[email protected]§ƒ˜ yi` … hb qƒ‚ ’ƒ‚ y y y `ƒ f y q qd q uƒ y … f q u X` s f hƒ — iƒd e†er qd q ’ yeaˆ¨‘ˆe‰‚u ‚qpuf}t‰yFXg‰ˆ€irGy ˜—çF©auBiƒG%xc•cp`‰fqF’pyihG`liygcadBgG`z‚qG‡zyd f y y q — f q f`ƒ ”` ƒ h ’ hb qƒ‚ ’ u` … q ƒd q hƒ` fbdb Xƒ y u`ƒ uy f„ qd q yƒ` f fbdb Xƒ h f ™ d r y cç‰`çprgcçsriqpfihgceca`gEcpw‰fiq‰fG2†“cpwc†e‰ˆzgG‡pu‘sriqpfihgceca`g|š†vd„iwaf‰Xsq¤ŠG‰yFX–× P [A] = λ ([a, b]) = b − a A= j Bj Bj j P [Bj ] Ω A F F P Ω = [0, 1] {x : a ≤ x ≤ b} F Ω λ {[0, 1]...
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