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These atoms attenuate the lamp emission by self

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Unformatted text preview: emission by self-absorption. Since these atoms generally have less kinetic energy than the excited ones, their absorption lines are Doppler broadened to a lesser extent, resulting in only the center of the emission line being attenuated. 8. To increase sensitivity: 9. Atomic emission depends on the analyte population in the excited state, which is very much dependent upon flame characteristics. Atomic absorption and atomic fluorescence measure analyte atoms in the ground state 10. Desolvation MgCl2 (aq) Volatilization MgCl2 (s) 6 MgCl2 (g) Atomization MgCl2 (g) 6 Mg (g) + Cl (g) Absorption Mg (g) 6 Mg* (g) Ionization Mg (g) 6 Mg+ (g) Complexation Mg (g) 6 MgO (g) use a higher temperature flame (acetylene/oxygen) use a solvent containing ethanol (increase nebulizer efficiency) add a releasing agent or a protective agent or an ionization suppressor 6 MgCl2 (s) Homework Solutions for Chem 422 Chapter 9 13. a) Sulfate ion forms complexes with Fe(III) that are not...
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