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G sputtering is the dislodging of atoms from a

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Unformatted text preview: ing is the dislodging of atoms from a surface by bombardment with high energy particles. h) Self-absorption is the absorption of radiation from excited atoms by unexcited atoms in the same sample. i) A spectral interference is the closeness of absorption/emission lines from 2 analytes unresolvable by the monochromator. j) A chemical interference is any chemical process occurring during atomization that affects the absorption by the analyte. k) A radiation buffer is a spectral interference that is added in large excess to a sample before AAS analysis to swamp the effects of the sample matrix. l) 3. a) Doppler broadening is the broadening of natural absorption/emission line widths because of motion of the absorbing/emitting species. Electrothermal atomizers concentrate more of the sample in the optical path for a longer period of time. Homework Solutions for Ch...
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