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Pt or carbon microelectrode advantages of mercury

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Unformatted text preview: ctrode ADVANTAGES of mercury film - has high overvoltage for H+ reduction - greater ability to detect metal ions that are reduced at cathodic potentials DISADVANTAGES of mercury film - Hg is easily oxidized which limits anodic potential range - has significant charging current 9. A plot of Eappl vs. log(i/(il - I)) should yield a straight line with a slope equal to -0.0592/n. Thus, n is readily obtained from the slope. 13. Let i1 = kcu where i1 = 1.78 µA and cu is the concentration of the unknown solution then From the first equation, k = 1.78 µA/cu. Substituting this into the second equation and solving for cu gives cu = 2.23 x 10-4 M. 16. a) Adv...
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