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L the eluent in chromatography is the fresh mobile

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Unformatted text preview: ime. l) The eluent in chromatography is the fresh mobile phase that carries the sample through the column. Homework Solutions for Chem 422 Chapter 26 3. The variables that lead to increased zone broadening include: 1) 2) large column diameters 3) high temperatures (for gas chromatography) 4) thick layers of liquid stationary phases 5) very high or very low flow rates 6) high viscosity mobile phase (for liquid chromatography) 7) 6. large particle diameters for column packing slow introduction of sample onto column Variables that affect the selectivity factor (α) include: 1) composition of the mobile phase (for liquid chromatography) 2) column temperature (for gas chromatography) 3) composition of the stationary phase 7. In gas chromatog...
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