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Homework solutions for chem 422 chapter 28 8 a guard

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Unformatted text preview: tions for Chem 422 Chapter 28 8. A guard column is a short column placed before the analytical column. It is packed with the same material as the main column except the particles are generally larger. The guard column removes impurities that might irreversibly bind to and degrade the main column. 10. a) 14. Nonvolatile and thermally unstable compounds can be separated by HPLC but typically not by GC. 16. In suppressor-column ion chromatography the chromatographic column is followed by a suppressor column whose purpose is to convert the ions used for elution into molecular species that are largely nonionic and thus do not interfere with conductometric detection of the analyte species. In single-column ion chromatography, low capacity ion exchangers are used so that the concentrations of ions in the eluting solution can be kept low. Detection then is bas...
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