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B in an isocratic elution the mobile phase

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Unformatted text preview: ) In an isocratic elution, the mobile phase composition is held constant throughout the elution. c) In a gradient elution, the mobile phase consists of two or more components and the composition of the eluent is changed continuously or in steps during the elution. d) A reversed-phase packing is a nonpolar material used in partition chromatography with a more polar mobile phase. e) A normal-phase packing is a polar material used in partition chromatography with a less polar mobile phase. f) In ion-pair chromatography a large organic counter-ion is added to the mobile phase as an ion-pairing reagent. Separation is achieved either through partitioning of the neutral ion-pair or as a result of electrostatic interactions between the ions in solution and charges on the stationary phase resulting from adsorption of the organic counter-ion. g) In ion chromatography, the stationary phase is an ion-exchange resin, and separation is achieved by differing attractions of solute ions to oppositely charged sites in the stationary phase. Homework Solu...
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