A what are the spin wave function and term symbol b

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Unformatted text preview: ns and atomic number Z. You may, for these purposes, take the orbital part of the ground ­ state wave function to be Ψorb ( x1, x 2 ) = ψ1s ( x1 )ψ1s ( x 2 ) , where ψ1s is the wave function of a 1 ­ electron (hydrogen ­like) ion with atomic number Z. (a) What are the spin wave function and term symbol? (b) Compute € approximate energy by taking the expectation value of the the Hamiltonian, Ψorb H Ψorb . You may leave your answer in terms of the integral e2 * * I = ∫ ψ1s ( x1 )ψ1s ( x 2 ) ψ1s ( x1 )ψ1s ( x 2 ) d...
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