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Finally in a multielectron molecule the electrons may

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Unformatted text preview: of H2+, molecules have multiple electrons and hence have a total value of the angular momentum projected onto the internuclear axis. This is denoted by the quantum number Λ. If Λ=0, then reflection through a plane containing the nuclei will multiply the overall wave function by either +1 or −1; that level of the molecule is then denoted as either “+” or “−.” Note that a single electron in a σ orbital always has + symmetry, so H2+ can have no Λ=0,− levels. Also note that |Λ|≠0 levels are doubly degenerate (reflection can always give a state with −Λ). € Finally, in a multielectron molecule, the electrons may have unpaired spins, and hence have a quantum number S denoting the total spin of the electrons. For closed ­shell molecules, S=0, but radicals (e.g. CH), odd ­electron species (e.g. NO), and paramagnetic even ­electrion species (e.g. O2) have nonzero electron spin. All of these symmetry properties are designated by the molecular term symbol, which is of the form 2 S +1Λ±u,g . The electron spin is treated in the same way as for atoms; the orbital angular momentum (projected onto the internuclear axis) is denoted with a Greek letter (Σ, Π, Δ, etc.); and the ± superscript applies only to Σ levels. Examples of term symbols are as follows. € Ground state of H2+: The single electron is in the lowest ­energy orbital, which has no nodes and is a σ orbital. It is symmetric under parity (which exists since H2+ is homonuclear), so this is a g orbital, and with a single electron there is a + symmetry. The lone electron has spin S=½. Thus the term symbol is 2 Σ + . g Ground state of H2: Now there are two electrons, both in the lowest σg orbital. Their orbital wave function is symmetric, so...
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