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Tation6obiectconsistin8 t two bc 9al meachwof inertia

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Unformatted text preview: le n om 2 ihin E xie r .c i h C = .htuth + . (aslong aseachmomentof inertia is x valu E ee r c (All toLtidn€x6s errc9o ttr + 12 of rtia is I t X 6 Isolid mi ri =∑ solidproblem sph N's b.tation6obiectconsistin8 t two b€C 9A.l). meachwof inertia r, f(e ri(al mtd an around the sameaxis), causehe omentith mas6 o o th. o€ of for t , o Consider 'tN.) i Frint pafiidcr iML, Consid iMR. shelnected by a rod ofiMi' ofLllend massm. wor that obiect.For example pi€'e is simply a portion t a sufi oI nr,ri t hat is the ftoment of ine lentth iMR. V l pher€ y dividing it nected i C9.6 b into d can evaluatet g moment of he centera sranslationnd the rod?is ω = cm no slip amund an axislEoing throughitnertia oI a nd perF.ndicular to R otatio amund R equal thicknesr and sunming ExerciseC 9X.6 tlle nromc{rtsof inertia of th6c disks ihin solidp roblem (All toLtid .x6 hrrc to thtuth Now x6 hrrc a pGition to answertheq C 9A.l). (All toLtid w.e arein to thtuth 3.mtd of the€ rN's sphom ri(al th. Consider k obiectconsistin8 o two Fri U = Nk BT ;'tN.)k B = 1.38 × 10−23 J/K is th€.mtd aoinetic eneBy of anotbiecttha total n iMi' N's shel iMR. th. oasa rclling ofbiect)?t ltentthoL alEt the ob 2 nected by a 'rod oI u.ns ut t nd mass tN.) f l r a n s l a t i o nn d Ramund an axisgoing through the cente i otatio n C9.6 dU therm = M c dT ; specific heat C9.6 E x e r c i s eC 9 X . 6 (All toLtid .x6 hrrc th soliderm Now a thtuth dU = m L; latent heat to vaporize or melt we areinto pGition to answerthequestionraisedin s€ctionC9.li w( n th. oN's .mtd o obiectconsistin8 two Frint Considerakfinetic eneBy of anotbiectthat ispafiidcroving ard rctatingr,se Now ( both m eachwith mas6, w is th€total 'tN.) o Rockets with no external forces iMR. nected by obiect)?t ltu.ns oL alEt massm. what is inetictoment its f€to a rod of entth ut t nd the obicrt's total k the f energy o ine is hust asa rclling I i l ranslationnd the od? i otatio C9.6 amund an axisgoing through the centerand perF.ndicul...
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