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Unformatted text preview: volvoment of inertia iore ou candlE f t €d exacdya partide an I a man oF, that yw sums ivide a complicadnd biecli r dt r ω I|n uch mor€it follows tcanitevaluateitut omheseex.mpks omort[il partides i ate understandingof dre omcnts f i nertia1t1, I por nd otunmingt otalm if yy calculatinS2, oint i he c than lle mrom picresw ith v arious process equal thicknesr . ,atnnsbiectourse,aut iom m 1. o quired at his f . a hc o bicct's tIpicresw b nn cylinder ihin of in€rt memorizint he r + 12 . (asat p mblemCmomentof inertia is evalua feten of rtia long a wC found. problem ach96.1. + or dist in€ is I t= tpaiticular resultsthatsec 9A.l). For easyfuture r€ sph€ri(al MR1 arious the mbiccb i o inertia o havelisted mornentsoI inertiaaor vSinceasimplc oomentn ftableC9.ltat f xis),b€causeobicrt's momentofor bf. e iMR. a iMi' same iML, f inenia iML, shel for btation6reround the ith the methodsofny If y simply a portion pi€'e is ou a familiar w of tlle sufi oI nr,riatnteFal oibiect.For ou cane€ or that t follows epi€f i v xample partides in i n oF, calculus,ythat i'ews ate he sums lE m €d exacdyapicres aith v arious nEgrals. Tnto iieno nd more spher€ y his va b cantevaluateitnvolvoment of inertia oIweasilyusintdiividing itoifcandists i nertia ExerciseC 9X.6 m omcnts prc<6s,(l you I = i 12 quired at this point i the course, nnromc{rtso nteEstedin . he long a t e b cylinder (as disks solidequal thicknesr andnsunming of iut irtia is areif trnertia of tth6cequal sh ihin tlle €f ihin ++ at p mblemC 96.1. problem 9A.l). or d€ri(al ist C Consideran around the sameaproblec for xis),b€ sph sph€ri(albtation6obiectconsistin8ot two Frin iMR. iML, sum rt,' over al Sinceany obicrt's momentof€'e is simply a ofortion offLnand mass iMR. shelnected byis srod p alenttho tlle sufi oI n iMi' shel pi inenia a imply iMi' partides in an oF, it follows amund an axisivide atcomplicad cobiec that if w€cand going hrough the enter can evaluatetlE moment of inertia oI a picresw ith v arious omcnts f i nertia1 1, 2,. . , t hc o bicct'sotalmrom m 1. oequal thicknesr and sunmingt tl...
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