Assume all variables are positive a 4 4 81x12 c d y12

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Unformatted text preview: 2x(2 6 6 (y2)6 y2 (x 4)6 2a3b x4 1/4)y(6 5)z2 2x7/4yz2 Lesson 7.2 • Algebra 2 Notetaking Guide 157 Your Notes Writing Variable Expressions in Simplest Form Example 6 Write the expression in simplest form. Assume all variables are positive. 3 y2 y2x 3 x5x x5 y2x 3 x6 3 y 2x 3 3 Make the denominator a perfect cube. Simplify. Quotient property x6 y 2x x2 Simplify. Adding and Subtracting Variable Expressions Example 7 Perform the indicated operation. Assume all variables are positive. 3 a. 3 x 3 b. 5x2y1/2 x (3 7x2y1/2 1) 3 (5 x 3 2x 7)x2y1/2 12x2y1/2 Checkpoint Simplify the expression. Assume all variables are positive. 5. 14xy3z5 2x2/3yz2 3 6. 4 5y4 Homework 7x1/3y 2z 3 158 Algebra 2 Notetaking Guide • Chapter 7 2y 3 5y y 3 40y...
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