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Unformatted text preview: iangles are similar triangles! 2/28/2014 base | Δv | Δ v == Δv = Δ height | v | r r v 2 Δ v Δ v v | Δv | r = = v= = | a |= r Δt r r Δt Δt 2 v | a |= r PHYS- 2010 10 Room Frequency BA Clicker Ques2on A race car travels around the track shown at constant speed. Over which por.on of the track is the magnitude of the accelera.on the smallest? | a |= A)  From 1 to 2 B)  From 2 to 3 C)  From 3 to 4 D)  Accelera.on is the same for all 3 segments. 2/28/2014 v2 r Answer B: from 2 to 3. The accelera.on is zero along the straight line por.ons of the...
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