On 1 what are the three forces 1 2 3 a 1 gravity

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Unformatted text preview: •  Old prac.ce exam posted on D2L. •  Dr. Michael Dubson’s Chapter Notes (link on course website). 3/3/2014 PHYS- 2010 5 Room Frequency BA Clicker Ques.on What is the direc&on of the [email protected] when [email protected] is at point X? v2 v1 + Δ v = v 2 Δ v = v 2 − v1 v1 2/28/2014 Accelera.on points toward the center of the circle. PHYS- 2010 6 Clicker Ques.on Room Frequency BA Consider the “Wall- of- Death” Which diagram correctly shows the real forces on the rider? (Normal) “Centripetal force”: a real force. 3/3/2014 Fic@@ous force: “centrifugal force” –...
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