Box 1 f box 2 fc m m m x f m fc fc m what

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Unformatted text preview: force” that Box 1 exerts on Box 2. M F A)  F = fc fc Box 1 m + x Box 2 * FricEonless surface B)  F > fc C)  F < fc D)  Indeterminate from informaEon given 2/19/2014 PHYS- 2010 4 Draw the free- body diagram for each box! Box 1 F Box 2 fc M m m +x F M fc fc m What other forces are acEng on either box? GravitaEonal force down on both boxes, and Normal force up on both boxes. However, since there is no verEcal moEon we someEmes do not bother to write them down. 2/19/2014 What about Newton’s Third Law? PHYS- 2010 5 F M fc fc m Apply Σ Fx = ma. (ignore verEcal forces, no verEcal moEon) F - fc = M aM fc = m am Since the boxes are fixed (glued) together à༎ aM = am aM=(F- fc)/M = am = fc/m Fm − f c m = f c M f c ( M + m) = Fm 2/19/2014 m fc = F M +m PHYS- 2010 fc < F 6 Room Frequency BA...
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