Whats the relaeon between t and mg v constant a 0

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Unformatted text preview: •  In this class we shall adopt the convenEon that weight is the force of gravity on an object: |Fg| = mg, always directed down. •  Then, weight does not depend on the moEon of the object (e.g., whether it rests on a table, or in an elevator, or in a free fall). •  But it sEll depends on the planet: e.g., my weight on the Moon is about 1/6th of that on the Earth. •  SomeEmes, by “weight” people mean the force that the object exerts on the supporEng structure (i.e., measured by a scale): •  normal force on the table •  tension force on the rope •  zero weight for freely falling objects (weightlessness). •  We shall refer to that force as an “apparent weight” – it depends on the verEcal acceleraEon of the object. 2/19/2014 PHYS- 2010 10 Rock climber hanging by rope Object of mass m suspended by a cord. +y T m Fg = mg Tension in the c...
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