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155 after a rather long discussion 155 60 of the

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Unformatted text preview: meaning of life must be based on worthwhile activities within life- - is stressed by Joel Feinberg when he says that in order to get clear about the meaning (or, by contrast, the "absurdity") "of life" we should first consider meaning (or, by contrast, absurdity) "in life." (155) After a rather long discussion (155- 60) of the various things that other philosophers (e.g., Camus, Taylor, Nagel) have suggested about the kinds of activities in life that might be said to have a worth, Feinberg notes that many of these kinds of activities have instrumental worth. (Recall our distinction, when discussing Nagel, between instrumental worth and intrinsic worth.) For example, to say that an activity is worthwhile because it has a point (or is not pointless) is to say that the activity is worthwhile because it allows us to get or do something else of worth...
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