As he puts the point some activities carry their own

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Unformatted text preview: to call it the “supermarket regress.”) Suddenly the stage- setting collapsed, and the shoppers’ life patterns seemed to make no more sense than the hole- digging in Taylor’s example of the prisoners. Why are all those people standing in line before the cash registers? In order to purchase food. Why do they purchase food? In order to stay alive and healthy. Why do they wish to stay alive and healthy? So that they can work at their jobs. Why do they want to work? To earn money. Why do they want to earn money? So that they can purchase food. And so on, around the circle, over and over, with no “significant culmination” in sight. Vindicating purpose and meaning are constantly put off to another stage that never comes, and the whole round of activity looks more like a meaningless ritual- dance than something coherent and self- satisfying. (162- 3) To avoid this "__________________________________________________,"...
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