It is part of my individual nature on the other hand

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Unformatted text preview: orms: generic and individualized. Here's the generic kind: Generic distinctly human dispositions: ________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The tendencies to use language for communication, to walk upright, and to engage in complex social relationships of friendship and love, for example, are generic dispositions in this sense: pretty much all humans are strongly inclined to perform these sorts of activities. As Feinberg describes these generic dispositions (or "natures"), they are "derived entirely from heredity. [We] come into existence with [them] already 'loaded and cocked.'" (170) But there's also the individualized kind of distinctly human disposition: Individualized distinctly human dispositions: ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ These are more commonly acquired, as the result of social conditioning, personal habits, and particular circumstance. They tend not to be part of human nature in general, but rather of particular human beings' individual natures. Examples of such individualized dispositions would...
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