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They tend not to be part of human nature in general

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Unformatted text preview: nt for cooking is a distinctly human disposition. When I cook, it is the result of having this love of (strong inclination towards) cooking. Moreover the more I cook, the more inclined I become to keep cooking- - the more the cooking develops this trait in me. So the activity of cooking is an activity of self- fulfillment for me. It is a way of “doing what comes naturally” for me (169) and a way of being myself (169). Or suppose that you have the strong inclination to be generous with your money. Then, your acts of financial generosity—sharing your money with others, giving to charity, etc.— would be activities of self- fulfillment for you, because they proceed from (and also develop) your distinctly human disposition of financial generosity. Feinberg goes on to note (170) that distinctly human dispositions come in two f...
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