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Here are wolfs own words it would be odd if not

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Unformatted text preview: to add more meaning to their lives. The sense of these concerns and resolves cannot fully be captured by an account in which what one does with one’s life doesn’t matter, as long as one enjoys or prefers it. Sometimes people have concerns about meaning despite their knowledge that their lives to date have been satisfying. Indeed, their enjoyment and “active engagement” with activities and values they now see as shallow seems only to heighten the sense of meaninglessness that comes to afflict them. Their sense that their lives so far have been meaningless cannot be a sense that their activities have not been chosen or fun. (233) 2. An appeal to objective worth helps us explain why people can sometimes be _______ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. It seems obvious that people can sometimes be mistaken about whether their lives have a meaning—that people can sometimes feel that their lives have a meaning (because they are getting a sense of fulfillment) despite the fact that they don’t really have a meaning, or, conversely, that people can sometimes feel that our lives don’t have a meaning when in fact they do. An appeal to objective worth, as well as to subjective worth, can account for this fact, whereas it seems that a mere appeal to subjective worth can't: if subjective worth alone decides the matter, people who know whether they find subjective worth in life can't be wrong about whether their lives have a meaning. Thus, compare: 4 - - the individual who is passionately engaged in counting the number of blades of grass on his front lawn, and who feels that th...
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