However there is something good about the feeling of

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Unformatted text preview: y engaged by the things and people about which and whom we are passionate. To be actively engaged in something is not always pleasant in the ordinary sense of the word. Activities in which people are actively engaged frequently involve stress, danger, exertion, or sorrow (consider, for example: writing a book, climbing a mountain, training for a marathon, caring for an ailing friend). However, there is something good about the feeling of engagement: one feels (typically without thinking about it) especially alive. (232- 3) So much for the notion of active engagement. What about the notion of projects of worth? What does Wolf mean by that? 2 Essentially she means activities (endeavors, pursuits, etc.) that have __________________________ _________________________________________________________. Projects of worth: __________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. When Wolf speaks of objective worth, she means some sort of worth that does not derive simply from ________________________________________________________________________________. Thus, she writes: That a meaningful life must involve “projects of worth” will, I expect, be more controversial, for the phrase hints of a commitment to some sort of objective value. This is not accidental, for I believe that the idea of meaningfulness, and the concern that our lives possess it, are conceptually linked to such a commitment. […] What is clear to me is that there can be no sense to the idea of meaningfulness without a distinction between more and less worthwhile ways to spend one...
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