Suppose for example that you engage in activities that

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Unformatted text preview: is gives his life a meaning. - - Tolstoy’s belief, during his “arrest of life,” that his life didn't really have a meaning. Here are Wolf's own words: [I]t would be odd, if not bizarre, to think of crossword puzzles, sitcoms, or the kind of computer games to which I am fighting off addiction as providing meaning in our lives, though there is no question that they afford a sort of satisfaction and that they are the objects of choice. Some things, such as chocolate and aerobics class, I choose even at considerable cost to myself (it is irrelevant that these particular choices may be related); so I must find them worthwhile in a sense. But they are not the sorts of things that make life worth living. (233) Now, one way to test the plausibility of a philosophic...
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