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But now taylor presses us to consider are human lives

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Unformatted text preview: Really nothing. The larva just transforms itself finally to a tiny winged adult that lacks even mouth parts to feed and lives only a day or two. These adults, as soon as a they have mated and laid eggs, are themselves caught in the threads and are devoured by the cannibalist worms, often without having ventured into the day, the only point to their existence having now been fulfilled. This has been going on for millions of years, to no end other than that the same meaningless cycle may continue for another millions of years. (137- 8) 2 (Taylor goes on to say something similar of other non- human animals, like cicadas, fish, birds, etc. (138)) Objectively considered, there seems to be nothing immanent that makes the lives of such non- human animals worth living, just like the life of Sisyphus. But now,...
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