So why does taylor think this 4 essentially because

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Unformatted text preview: of life is all that's required for an immanent meaning of life) by considering a revised version (let’s call it “Version 2”) of the myth of Sisyphus: [L]et us note [a] way in which the image of meaninglessness can be altered by making only a very slight change. Let us suppose that the gods, while condemning Sisyphus to the fate just described, at the same time, as an afterthought, waxed perversely merciful by implanting in him a strange and irrational impulse; namely, a compulsive impulse to roll stones. […] He has but one obsession, which is to roll stones, and it is an obsession that is only for the moment appeased by his rolling them—he no sooner gets a stone rolled to the top of the hill than he is restless to roll another. up […] However...
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