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Unformatted text preview: 3 of the Nihilist's Worry: P1 If there is an immanent meaning of life, there is an ________________________________________ to be found in the immanent realm. 3 P2 There is no _______________________________________________________________ to be found in the immanent realm. C Therefore, there is no immanent meaning of life. All the considerations Taylor raises about the objective similarity of our lives to that of the lives of non- human animals, and hence to the life of Sisyphus, are in effect reasons to accept P2 of the argument. And Taylor does accept P2 of this argument. But Taylor goes on to make it clear that he rejects the likes of P1 of this argument. For he thinks that an immanent meaning of life requires only that a subjective meaning of life be found in the immanent realm- - an objective meaning of life in the immanent realm isn't required. Taylor brings this out his rejection of the likes of P1 here (and hence his insistence that a subjective meaning...
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