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105 baiers reply to the objection no death just simply

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Unformatted text preview: mate universe. Biology teaches us that the species man was not specially created but is merely, in a long chain of evolutionary changes of forms of life, the last link, made in the likeness not of God but of nothing so much as an ape. The rest of the universe, whether animate or inanimate, instead of serving the ends of man, is at best indifferent, at worst savagely hostile… (99- 100) Baier's reply to the objection. We should be careful to distinguish two different senses in which there is a purpose to life (100- 1): Derived purpose: __________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Original purpose: __________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. 5 With this distinction in hand, Baier goes on to point out that, first, although scientific atheism does call into question the existence of any sort of _____________________________________ for life, it doesn’t call into question _________________________________________. And ________________ ____________________________, in his view, is all we need for a meaning of life: There are many things that a man may do, such as buying and selling, hiring laborers, ploughing, felling trees, and the like, which it is foolish, pointless, silly, perhaps crazy, to do if one has no purpose in doing them. A man who does these things without a purpose is engaging in inane, futile, pursuits. Lives crammed full with such activities devoid of purpose, are pointless, futile, worthless. Such lives may indeed be dismissed as meaningless. But it should also be perfectly...
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