Apr 8 apr 11 26 examination period final

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Unformatted text preview: cussions of them. Simply reading the lecture schemata and text will be a poor substitute for reading them in the light of the lecture discussions. Note, then, that you cannot expect to do well in this course if you fail regularly to attend class. Calendar Jan 7 & 9 Nihilist perspectives Jan 14 & 16 Jan 21 & 23 Jan 28 & 30 Feb 4 & 6 Feb 11 & 13 Midterm essay (Feb 13) Feb 18 & 20 (winter break) Feb 25 & 27 Transcendentalist perspectives Immanentist perspectives Introduction Schopenhauer, On the sufferings of the world Nagel, The absurd Tolstoy, My confession Pojman, Religion gives meaning to life Fackenheim, Judaism and the meaning of life Horban, Writing a philosophy paper Quinn, The meaning of life according to Christianity Nozick, Philosophy and the meaning of life Baier, The meaning of life...
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