The test will involve short answer as well as

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Unformatted text preview: ard- copy form. Test. (30% of overall grade.) On March 20 there will be an in- class test, designed to gauge your knowledge of the various philosophical perspectives we have examined in the course up to that point. The test will involve short answer as well as multiple choice questions. Final essay. (40% of overall grade.) In lieu of sitting a formally scheduled final examination, you will also be expected to write a final, end- of- term essay. The final essay should be approximately twice the length of the midterm essay. Final essay topics will be distributed in the last class. A hard copy of the essay (to be submitted to the Philosophy Department's essay drop box, Floor 3A of Paterson Hall) will be due on the last day of the winter term’s examination period, April 26. Description & Objectives Th...
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