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Unformatted text preview: mber and section instructor’s name The Philosophy Department does not accept assignments by FAX. You may send them by courier, if necessary. No assignments will be accepted after the last day for handing in term work – see dates below. Assignments handed in through the essay box (just inside the glass doors, Paterson Hall, Floor 3A) must be dropped into the box by 4:15 on a regular business day in order to be date- stamped with that day’s date. Assignments handed in after 4:15 or on a non- business day will be stamped as having been handed in on the next business day. Students are required to keep copies of their assignments. If your paper is lost at any point, you will be considered not to have submitted it if you cannot produce a copy immediately on request. Deferrals for Term Work If you miss a final examination and/or fail to submit a final assignment by the due date because of circumstances beyond...
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