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Unformatted text preview: h the meaning of life is to be found, and nihilism is to be overcome, by looking within the natural realm of life itself. A secondary objective of the course is to introduce you to some elementary aspects of expressing your views on such matters in a philosophical essay. Text, Readings, & Lecture Schemata All but two of the assigned readings will be drawn from the following text, available at the Carleton University Bookstore: Klemke, E.D. & S.M. Cahn, eds. (2008). The meaning of life: A reader, 3rd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press. The two readings not drawn from the course text are the following, available freely from the noted on- line sources: Horban, P. (1993). Writing a philosophy paper. Nietzsche, F. (1891). Thus spoke Zarathustra, trans. T. Common. zarathustra.txt Your instructor will periodically post lecture schemata on cuLearn, to help ensure that you understand the core concepts of the lectures on assigned readings. These schemata will indicate the relevant core concepts, while leaving blank the details of the lecture dis...
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