After all living a life that is full of the willing

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Unformatted text preview: life in this way give it a meaning, then, according to Quinn? Quinn thinks it obviously infuses the life with teleological meaning: it provides the person leading the life with a lot of purpose in her life, e.g., the purpose of becoming like Jesus in one’s own setting, the purpose of pursuing the likes of (1)- (3) as much as possible, etc. (38) But Quinn has suggested that teleological meaning isn't all there is to life's having a (full or complete) meaning; life must have axiological meaning as well. How can it, according to Christianity? This is a problem, because, on the face of things, a life spent imitating Jesus won't (or at any rate will be very unlikely to) yield much axiological meaning. After all, living a life that is full of the willing acceptance of suffering and being found offensive seems to be anything but a life that is filled with happiness or goodness for the person leading the...
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