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Unformatted text preview: life. As Quinn says: There seems to be no difficulty in supposing that the life of a successful […] imitator of Christ, devoted to willing and endeavoring to do the good, will have positive teleological meaning, despite the suffering it is likely to contain. But there is a problem in supposing that every such life will also have positive axiological meaning […] because some of these lives appear on the whole not to be good on the whole for those who lead them. (38) But then, Quinn argues, there’s another part of the Christian story about the meaning of life: the afterlife. If, as that story has it, the present bodily life is not all there is to our lives, but is really only a part of our overall lives that, if lived correctly—if successfully imitative of the life of Jesus—will yield a hereafter that is full of maximal happiness, then the life of ever...
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