Another way of putting the point on such

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Unformatted text preview: s transcendentalist views seem to fit the bill here. On Fackenheim’s view, our role as commandment keepers is so important that God binds himself to our fulfillment of it, and it makes use of such unique, positive human talents as the ability to be responsible beings capable of agency, etc. On Quinn’s view, our role as imitators of Jesus is important because it brings hope, light, and the possibility of redemption into the world, and it makes use of such unique, positive human talents as understanding goals and planning to achieve them, being courageous in the face of suffering and exclusion, etc. But even so, Nozick continues, notice than on such transcendentalist pictures, the meaning of life for us humans is derived from (our lives' connection to) a transcendent being like God, whose life or existence presumably has a meaning to begin with. (Another way of putting the point: on such transcendentalist pictures, our lives are worth living in an instrumental sense: they are worth living because by living them we sec...
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