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Of course nozick notes it couldnt be just any divinely

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Unformatted text preview: people are for. (226) Thus, compare Fackenheim’s view that life is given a meaning by virtue of obeying the commands that God gives us—being a commandment keeper, in effect—or Quinn’s view that a (full, complete) meaning of life comes from imitating Jesus—being a "little Christ," as it were, in this world. Of course, Nozick notes, it couldn't be just any divinely assigned role that would do the trick. In order for the fulfillment of a divinely assigned role to give our lives a meaning, that role would have to have at least two features: 1. The role must ___________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. Thus, Nozick says: "If our role is to supply CO2 to the plants, or to be the equivalent within God’s plan of fixing a mild...
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