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So nozick writes if the cosmic role of human beings

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Unformatted text preview: ly annoying leaky faucet, would this suffice?" (226) And: If we describe God’s central purpose in analogy with making a painting, we do not want to play the role of the rag used to wipe off brushes, or the tin in which these rags are kept. If we are not the central focus of the painting, at least we want to be like the canvas or the brush or the paint. (226) 2. The role must ___________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. So, Nozick writes: If the cosmic role of human beings was to provide a negative lesson to some others (“don’t act like them”) or to provide needed food for intergalactic travelers who were important, this would not suit our aspirations—not even if afterwards the intergalactic travelers smacked their lips and said that we tasted good. (227) 2 Again, Fackenheim’s and Quinn...
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