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The problem with this answer is that god is supposed

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Unformatted text preview: ure something else of worth, viz. the fulfillment of God's wishes or plans, which presumably has some kind of worth itself. Our lives are not supposed to be worth living in an intrinsic sense: they are not, on the transcendentalist pictures, worth living in and of themselves.) But this raises an important question that any transcendentalist must consider: How does the life or existence of this transcendental being—God—come to have a meaning? Nozick considers the possible answers that a transcendentalist might try to give to this question, by providing as with a “philosophical fable” wherein he imagines God, as role- assigner for us, asking himself where his own meaning comes from. Here are the three possible answers to this question that Nozick presents: Answer 1: ________________________________________________________________________________...
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