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Cf pojmans first through third theses 27 28 and his

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Unformatted text preview: details eight theses, but some of these seem just to be variants of each other or of a central idea, so we'll consider these eight theses as suggesting four main conditions on something's qualifying as a meaning- maker for life.) Pojman's conditions for something to count as a meaning- maker for life: 1. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. (Cf. Pojman's first through third theses, 27- 28, and his sixth thesis, 29.) If we can’t see the universe as having values, then the question of whether life is worth living (i.e. whether it’s better that life be lived than not) will either have to be given a negative answer (objectively speaking) or treated as a nonsensical question. 2. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________. (Cf. the fourth thesis and the fifth thesis, 28- 29.) 2 It's difficult to see how being bad is consistent with living a meaningful life- - a life that has an overall positive worth. So if we have no reason to be good, and hence to avoid being bad, it’s difficult to see any reason for thinking that our life has a meaning. 3. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. (Cf. the seventh thesis, 29.) None of us is perfect, so we’ve all made mistakes in the past, to varying degrees...
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