Whatever makes our lives worth living then should

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Unformatted text preview: of seriousness. If our lives are to have a meaning, they must be capable of having a meaning despite the fact that we’ve made mistakes in the past. If we can’t see how this is possible, we’ll be overwhelmed by our past mistakes and tempted to think that our lives can’t therefore have a meaning. Whatever makes our lives worth living, then, should provide us with some reason for not being so overwhelmed by our past mistakes. 4. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________. (Cf. the eighth thesis, 29.) We’re all mortal, so we’re all going to face death at some point. If death somehow robbed our lives of any meaning, the prospect of our own death would give us reason to be discouraged about the possibility of a meaning of life. Whatever makes our lives worth living, then, should provide us with reason to think that death does not render life of no real value, and hence reason not to be discouraged by the prospect of our own death. Pojman's central claim, then, is in effect this: nothing in the immanent realm- - nothing purely physical, or that consists merely of "a collocation of particles in motion" (27), could possibly meet these conditions. Only a transcendent being like God, as traditionally conceived in monotheistic religions, could meet them. If that's right, then there can be no immanent meaning of life, and Premise 3 of the Nihilist's Worry is correct. But there can still be a transcendent meaning of life- - and hence we can reasonably escape nihilism by rejecting Premise 2 of the Nihilist's Worry- - provided we grant that there is in fact a transcendent being like God who can meet all of these conditions. But, of course, Pojman so far hasn't provided us with any reason to grant th...
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