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And the unfortunate man does not dare climb out lest

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Unformatted text preview: a mortal internal disease. At first there appear insignificant symptoms of indisposition, to which the patient pays no attention; then these symptoms are repeated more and more frequently and blend into one temporally indivisible suffering. (7- 8) 2 Tolstoy then goes on to provide an alternate description of this frightening state of affairs, by making use of an ancient "Eastern story"- - an old fable about a traveler on a steppe: Long ago has been told the Eastern story about the traveller who in the steppe is overtaken by an infuriated beast. Trying to save himself from the animal, the traveller jumps into a waterless well, but at its bottom he sees a dragon who opens his jaws in order to swallow him. And the unfortunate man does not dare climb out, lest he perish from the infuriated beast, and does n...
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