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Unformatted text preview: Ch. 3.4. •  In‐class Clicker Ques;ons & Lecture Materials. •  Your CAPAs. •  WriCen Homeworks 1 & 2. •  Recita;on Assignments and Lab. •  Giancoli web site: “Prac?ce Ques?ons”, “MCAT Study Guide”, “Prac?ce Problems”. Link on course web site. •  Old prac;ce exam posted on D2L. •  Dr. Michael Dubson’s Chapter Notes (link on course website). 1/31/2014 PHYS‐2010 5 Last ?me … We finished discussion of kinema?cs (descrip?on of mo?on) in 1D (Ch. 2): •  Defini?ons of posi?on, displacement, velocity, accelera?on. •  Constant accelera?on equa?ons. •  Graphs of posi?on, velocity, accelera?on vs. ?me. 1/31/2014 PHYS‐2010 6 New Topic: Vectors and 2‐dimensional mo?on (Ch. 3) 1/31/2014 PHYS‐2010 7 Expressing mo?on in 2D: Vectors B Example: Displacement “net effect of the mo?on” D represented with a vector: A ‐‐‐ a mathema?cal object with a “magnitude” (length) and a “direc.on”. Other examples of vectors: ! "! "" "! ! v, a, p, F 1/31/2014 Non‐vector quan??es are...
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