How much does a drill set cost 100 million x 10 1

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Unformatted text preview: lt to 1% accuracy. Including too many significant figures will not be counted off in most cases. You have six tries (no more) for each problem 1/15/2014 PHYS- 2010 11 DIMENSIONS, UNITS, ETC. 1/15/2014 PHYS- 2010 12 Room Frequency BA Clicker Ques:on Which of the following are SI (aka mks/metric) “base units”? A) mm, mg, s B) cm, g, s C) mm, kg, s Meters D) m, kg, s Kilograms Seconds E) km, g, h 1/15/2014 PHYS- 2010 13 For comparison, Bri:sh System Feet (o) Pounds (lb) (actually a unit of force) Minutes, Hours, Years, etc. 1/15/2014 PHYS- 2010 14 Room Frequency BA Clicker Ques:on Why can’t we all just switch to metric and be done? Make an order- of- magnitude esHmate for how much $$$ are currently invested in drill bit sets in United States households? A)  B)  C)  D)  E)  $10 $1,000,000 $10,000,000 $1,00...
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