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Unformatted text preview: l have either a lab or a recitaHon). You meet at the same Hme and place every week. 2. If you are waitlisted, please conHnue aaending lectures; check every day. Also please aaend a lab/recitaHon secHon this week. Contact your TA (cc: Prof. Pollock) if you need to make rearrangements. 3. Exams: “You may bring your own handwriaen notes”: 1 single- side page for Exam I; 1 two- sided for Exam II; 3 sides for Exam III; and 4 sides (2 double- sided pages) for Final. (see course syllabus/website for details) 1/15/2014 PHYS- 2010 6 Go out of this main lecture hall (G1B30), and across the hall are a set of stairs down to the G2B level. You will see this set of doors (to the Physics Help Room). Keep going through to G2B83 for your...
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